Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thursday 29th September at Knit Wits Quilt Day

At Knit Wits of Dereham on the 29th it was
Quilt Making Day for beginners and experts alike.
Everyone had their ideas for their quilts and finishing
ones off.
Above top, the pink squares and triangles were made
into blocks out of scraps left over from making banners.
Janice finished putting the borders on her silk quilt.
It's now ready for backing and quilting.
Thank you to Janice too, for re-stringing my pearls!
I immediately put them on, lovely!
Helen started the Bishops Tile Wall Hanging above
and as you can see people are also
bringing in the book covers which they have made.
I have taught for a complete month at
Knit Wits, it has gone so quickly and I have met some amazing
See more of the days at Knit wits by clicking
on the written labels below.

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