Sunday, 4 December 2011


During the Textile Tuesday afternoon session,
Carole from The City and Guilds Education
Assessor came to assess my teaching and see
what classes that I can teach and offer certification for.
I had met Carole at Elveden Farm Shop and Restaurant
the day before.
It was quite funny really, we had been emailing and
fixing dates of when to meet but it wasn't until I
parked up in the car park I realised I didn't know
what Carole looked liked (was she wearing a carnation,
sprang to mind) and I didn't have a mobile number!
Today, in this modern age sometimes with instant messaging,
one can take things for granted!
It was a lovely meeting and Carole informed me
she would be able to assess me the following day
on 'Textile Tuesday'.
Needless to say, it all went very well
and the ladies all had different work to share.
I even had one student, as she came through the
door exclaim,
"Oh, Jane I have brought my machine embroidery but
I have to make wings for a five year old Angel Gabriel,
by Monday, where do I start?"
Lucky enough, I have made lots of costumes in the past and
it was'nt long before the student was quite content
making angel wings!
Session and assessment over, all went well
for another Textile Tuesday @ The Gallery!

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