Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sewing Desk Tidy

I am a great believer in serendipidy.
I also encourage 'Show and Tell'
of finished projects etc.
Gloria has finished
her strip cushion and came to class not sure what she wanted
to make and wanted to be inspired with the projects
I show each week. Gloria had been in one of
Dereham's local thrift shops just before coming to class too
and brought
metres of blue and red silk that had
just been put out as she walked into the shop.
She immediately brought it, thinking that
she might be able to make something with it
at class. It is raw silk and beautiful!
When she took it out of the bag we all
went oooo!!! and yum
because of the colours and the look!
Gloria saw my sewing desk tidy and wanted
to make one, she had brought upholstery fabric
with her but it was a united vote that she made
hers out of these silks.
Well after the 2 hour session,you can see it finished
above We all wanted one as it is lovely!
Gloria kindly gave me some of the silks
with a wink in her eye,
" We'll see what you can make out of it!".
Cheeky but how lovely!
Thank you Gloria!
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