Monday, 22 February 2010

Dyed Felt and Wool Tops

Went to Cottenham, near Cambridge yesterday with Mum and Jenn. Typical as we set off the weather decides Norfolk is going to have a snow storm and as we left Norfolk into Cambridgeshire, rain!
The Exhibition and textile demonstrations were fantastic and Jenn came away with a new title for a body of art work and alot of ideas! we both liked Sharon's demonstrations on the Embellisher and her way of using Tissuetex (brought some and the wax to seal it!).
As you can see I brought some dyed felt and wool tops to continue working. Also brought some more procion dyes and soda ash. At the time I thought I would be able to do some snow dyeing but as we neared home after a wonderful day the snow had turned into hard rain and the snow we had left behind had gone!
The day was topped off by showing what we had each brought and enjoying a Sunday roast which Stewart had been preparing while we were out.
Felt inspired,lucky and nicely tired out!

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