Thursday, 30 May 2013

Metal Sampler

This is a Metal Sample of techniques.
I coloured the metal drinks can with a blow torch.
Embossed a design with a ball point pen,
drawing the design on the label side.
I then punched out the circles with a craft punch.
These I put onto small pieces of felt and stitched.
The dyed felt background, I ironed on fusible webbing 
and then sprinkled on Rose Gold Flakes. 
Ironing them between parchment paper.
I then put the main metal piece onto
the felt background with the metal knitted net trapped underneath.
This was then machine stitched into place.
The circles were trimmed and then fee machine stitched into place.
Lots of techniques and lots of fun!
Some of the ideas come from 
Sarah Lawrence's book,
'Shimmer and Shine'.
I recommend her book to really get inspiration on
using metal and metallics.

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