Thursday, 30 May 2013

Christine Davey

OOO I was so excited to see Christine Davey who came along
to give us a talk on 'Colour Theory'.
She is the one of the influential  people responsible 
for what I am doing now.
She was my City and Guilds Embroidery Tutor all those
years ago. 
It put me on a path that changed my life forever:)
She was so inspirational and also a hard task master.
We would learn a technique in the morning, experiment.
Learn traditional stitch and then the contemporary version after lunch 
then have to 'Show and Tell' the following week!
I have a similar routine to my City and Guilds class even today.
Christine was professional and always positive about our work but
also made us stretch ourselves!
If there was a new technique she would add it into the 
session and we would expand!!
Thank you so much Christine.
As she gave her talk I realised many things I hadn't
taken on board. 
I often only use three colours in class so that
participants have to mix to get a colour they want.
Christine said this is what she did,
un be knowing to me I had taken this to heart and in my 
Again Thank you.
It also made me realise how far I have come since
doing my first City and Guilds and it has made
me very 
proud to be able to share and teach them too!

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