Thursday, 30 May 2013

Coven Quilters

I do love going to meet up with the girls of  Coven Quilters.
We have so much to catch up on each month and so much to share.
We laugh, cry, put the world to rights
and stitch or knit.
Well, Joan is crocheting at the moment!
Kate has been making a cat quilt for her grand daughter.
Jane has been making lots of baby quilts and 
Barbara brought along a quilt that had been donated for
the MS Trust. We had a real discussion on how much a quilt
would sell if it was auctioned and where it could go to
get the best result for the lady who donated it and the trust who 
would receive the funds.
It is so hard to predict at the moment due to the times.
I feel now, that you make a quilt for donation and give it.
You know the people you give it to try their best 
for their charity and that is all you can do.
Make and give with love and care.
Our best wishes
to Barbara and Mike who are needing TLC at this time and
Thank you to the Coven Girls!

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