Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Busy Sewing

We are starting to call Sylvia an 'Elf'.
In the nicest possible way of course as she comes to class with a 
bags full of goodies she has made or has been finishing off.
She is also making her Christmas presents each month and as they seem
to be seven or eight at a time due to her many friends,
hence the term Elf!
The little gift purses are ideal for a gift card, jewellery, small
gift and a little note. Each are unique and they are
beautifully finished with the embellished fasteners.
I have been encouraging the finish of items especially with
fasteners. You can make an item look far more by
adding just simple finishes touches such as,
instead of just sewing a pop stud on. It makes an
item look hand made. If you decorate a circle
of felt or fabric and then sew the pop stud onto this it
makes the item look more crafted and expensive. 
It also draws less attention  to the press stud!
Which often because of its nature stands out in not a good way!
Sylvia had also made a Kindle Bag and Cot Quilt for a
new baby!
Busy lady and a lovely Elf!

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