Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mousehole Cat's Dream Catcher

 Gill has really enjoyed doing Creative Textiles City and Guilds Part 2.
This shows in her depth of research and detailed pieces and samples.
Here, is a  Smaller Dream Catcher a section of her Mousehole Cat's Dream Catcher.
It is going to be a large Dream catcher with smaller 'bubbles' or dream catchers inside.
The one above being one of them.
It was made using the top section of a fisherman's keep net
and then lots of mixed media textile work.
The origina idea came from Gill's exploration of Dorset Buttons.
If you don't know about the lovely Cornish story about
a Mousehole Fisherman Tom Bawcock.
Written by Antonia Barber and
illustrated by Nicola Bayley. 
'The Mousehole Cat" click HERE   
to see a small illustrated clip of the video.
or watch
This is a video of the Mousehole Cat read by Sian Philips&nbsp ;
The Mousehole Cat Part 1 from Shakespeare Junior School on Vimeo.

I am really looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

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