Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Stained Glass Patchwork Fuchsias

Judith's Fuchsias are made using the stained glass patchwork technique.
It takes a bit of planning and drawing out but as you can
see the results are stunning.
Judith decided she wanted to use vibrant silks and this
technique is great for this as it covers the raw edges but also
gives the impression of a window shining. 
I drew a pattern out of the design first, 
sometimes students just want to start then and there,
so I have to be pretty inventive!
 Using this outline drawing Judith traced each
piece onto freezer paper and then each piece was numbered and labelled.
The drawing was labelled and numbered as well.
You then make a background fabric for all the pieces to go
onto. See Judith in this post HERE 
beginning the process.
It is a case of starting from one corner
and laying the pieces down making sure you overlap
where necessary and consider how you are going
to place the black bias binding so it neatens edges and 
covers edges.
This is Judith's first wallhanging like this and it
is beautiful. The striking pink edging has really put a wow
to the finish.

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