Sunday, 11 March 2012

Water Soluble Embroidery

I have been showing lots of my background embroideries,
where I mix scrap backgrounds with water soluble embroidery sections
on the top.
There are so many different types of Water Soluble to use,
from plastics that look like cling film to fabric which
looks like the white one showing above and is as thick as vylene.
Angie has used an embroidery ring as her
area of embroidery and with the fabric type you can do a lot
more hand stitching on top as it doesn't tear!
It looks fantastic.
Click to enlarge images.
See a video on Solubles and Embellishing with 'Double Trouble',
Jean Little John and Jan Beaney
on my tech site


  1. Very pretty, love soluble work.

  2. I use water soluble stabilizers for so many projects. It is wonderful for holding it all together. Lots of good projects to see today. Love the book pages.