Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jeanetta Sculpiturio

I put on exhibit @The Gallery my new mixed media sculpture,
'Jeanetta Sculpiturio'.
It is a column 6ft tall and 16' wide.
Inspired by architecture, Venice,
intricate surfaces, jewellery and
Jeanette, one of my students!
Jeanette makes wonderful mixed media textile pieces
such as 'Bolliwood' and 'Leaves'.
She also makes
intricate textile boxes.
Jeanette starts in a similar way to I do, with the inspiration.
Then collects lots of medias together and then compiles
ideas and sections together.
Where we differ and what makes me chuckle is,
Jeanette hates painting and getting messy!
I love paint,inks and getting stuck in with gooeyness!
I will work on this with her as she has expressed
that she wants to make a section of the sculpture
which has painted lace arches on, so we shall see!
See more of her work by clicking on the written label below.

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