Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jeanetta Sculpiturio

On Thursday 22nd Jenn and I went to Dereham as she
wanted to see, 'Jeanetta Sculpiturio' @ The Gallery.
I decided to do some photography in situ of the
different sections which you can see in the photos above.
I just the love the colours and textures now.
Working on with all the different medias this time
was a challenge and I thank Stewart for his wood working
technical skill of putting the picture moulding around
the column.
I will be putting a detailed description and techniques on
my portfolio site
in the new year and also making a link picture
from Quilters Cottage for you to see the details.


  1. I am really intrigued by the beautiful fabric in this pillar. And I would never have thought of such a wonderful display. Just ingenious and inventive, to say the least. We are celebrating on Monday because of work schedules. Have a wonderful New Year.

  2. Just catching up on looking at Bloggs I've missed while away. There is so much and such wonderful work it's just amazing. I love it all but especially the Jeanetta Sculpiturio. that is something else!!