Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Office

Ohh! some times you get an idea in your head and it
goes too far!
With Jenn moving out we decided as we were both off
work from the 14th until the 18th we would decorate and
re-shelve Jennifer's room and make it into an Office!
Still keeping a bed in there as an option but making
it into sofa one for comfort.
After removing all the things Jennifer didn't take with her
which seemed an awful lot, we painted it 'WHITE'!
The room has never been all white before and it's
very bright so I hope over the holidays with all the
office type stuff that gets moved in there it will
gather some colour.
Stewart made the wonderful shelves!
I am so lucky!
I hope now I can get even more organised!
The thing is we didn't just stop here,
when you decorate one room the others shout,
so we ended up painting the office, hall way, bathroom and
living room all in the 5 days.
So so tired now!
but they all look good for Christmas!

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