Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Crochet Day

I am playing catch up with my blog with
all the wonderful things I have been doing lately.
On Sunday I went back over to Rockland Allsaints to Marion's Studio
to learn crochet with a select group of ladies
who were already crocheting but wanted to learn more.
Now, I am self taught and as several of you know I do freeform
or 'scrumble' crochet.
So to learn properly and boy! did I learn.
I learnt that I have been wrapping my thread round the wrong way!
(that explains some of the twisting). Also double and trebles,
thats what the stitches were!
Anyway, as you can see we made some flower brooches.
The above are mine. I made the brown one on the day and
I carried on when I got home so I didn't forget.
I am going to dye the cotton one with Indigo.
Thank you so much for such a lovely day Marion .
I am definetly going to continue.
A twisty scarf next!
See my scrumbles on my website

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