Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Embossed Metal

I have got a lot of pictures and news to share and I have been 
asked by students, family, friends and Caroline's Mum to update my Blog. 
So here goes....
Above, is a drinks can that has been embossed with a shell and sea 
themed embossing plate and then coloured with acrylic inks.
Elaine had the plate for her birthday and we all had a lovely
time embossing with it. 
So, thank you to Suze for giving it as a gift and thank you to
Elaine for sharing. 
Some of the embossing plates are really detailed
 and you can pick out so many areas to use in your work.
Is just one of the companies that has some really good plates.
Just remember when cutting your drinks can to be 
careful of the sharp edges.
See more of embossing and metal techniques by clicking the 
written labels below.


  1. I have used drink cans for years on craft projects, but I never tried embossing them. This is a great idea and cheaper than buying those expensive art metals.

    1. Using drinks cans that you have embossed just makes them so unusual and almost like treasure. Thanks for all your encouragement Judy.