Friday, 31 May 2013

Quaker Tapestry

At Embroidery Guild Ann Wood came along to give us a slide show 
and talk about the Quaker Tapestries.
seventy seven, in all.
It is a collection of embroideries based on the social history of the Quakers
since 1650.
Ann showed us twenty two slides of the 77 tapestries.
Each slide, she enthralled us with the stories, makers, 
information behind it and the stitches involved.
4000 people were involved and from all round the world.
I had seen the Tapestries in Ely Cathedral, it was beautifully presented
and the atmosphere of Ely Cathedral made the experience.
Hearing the detailed explanation brought the tapestries
even more to life.
We all had a lovely evening and could have listened 
to Ann all evening.
Visit the Tapestry Website to really appreciate
the work and history of such an
exquisite collection.
It is a lovely site to visit and has the atmosphere of the work

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