Friday, 31 May 2013

Denim Wall Tidy

Sue was inspired and brought in a Denim Tidy she made for her
grand son. She has made a lots of Denim bags 
and had a collection of pocket left over, 
so this was an ideal way of using them up.
Instead of folds for each pocket, Sue explained
you put in two tiny darts, this allows the pockets to stay open
and they are able to hold things.
It was so funny, as she showed us she explained
 she had whipped the tidy off her
grand son's wall and neatly placed all the contents across his 
bed so she could bring it to class to 'Show and Tell'.
Now he is 12,  hopefully there wasn't anything too
embarrassing for a grandma to find!
She assured us not.
When she got back, he was quite ok with her showing us and
they put everything back in.
What a great idea for a tidy! 

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