Friday, 31 May 2013

Lace Wall Tidy

I was asked by a friend to design a pocket holder based on 
a shoe holder she had been given at Christmas.
She has it by the side of her chair to hold the 
necessities of daily life in. 
It was made of different plastics and soon began
to wear and tear.
I took up the challenge and had seen one on the internet
somewhere? Made of cream material and lace.
I had been given some upholstery fabric and I have
lots of old family lace and I thought this was
the ideal opportunity to use it. 
Mine, would also then hold all the lovely lace 
I wanted to use in the future.
I finished both and delivered them,
she was thrilled and immediately 
reached over and pulled her plastic one off the wall,
contents, nail and all!
Really, some people can't wait!
 I had taken a nail, hook and hammer just in case!
Good job!
After I hung up the tidy we put in all her
goodies and medications into the relevant pockets.
One of her carers came in and was really
What we both like is she is no longer looking at what
medically sustains her but a pretty and inspiring hanging tidy.
I have noticed on my last visit her chair area has really 
changed and she and he carers can find everything.
I am so pleased.
Since showing it at classes, many have taken the pattern.
I drew mine on some lining paper to work out
all the folds and edges.
See more of my lace makes on my portfolio site

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