Monday, 28 May 2012

City and Guilds Textiles Begins

On the 28th of March the City and Guilds eight week Level One for Machine Embroidery and Patchwork and Quilting started with me @The Gallery. 19 students all excited and apprehensive started their venture into Textiles Creative Diplomas, (that's the title for these courses and how they are grouped). For eight weeks they will have a taster of different textile techniques related to the skill they have chosen, Machine Embroidery or Patchwork and Quilting. Both have creative fabric decoration and samples to produce as well as a file or sketchbook as a record of what they are learning. I am one of those tutors who prefers to encourage students to make samples and explore techniques then put them in a fabric book rather than in plastic pockets! The books become heirlooms in their own right and are added to regularly. I have seen this with previous students of mine. With two groups technically going on in the same classroom I have to be very organised but what I have found before that there is a cross fertilisation of ideas and techniques between the groups and all benefit because they incorporate skills that they would not necessary try before. It makes for more creative and imaginative work.
The course has now finished with 18 completing the course. It was a fun and very creative eight weeks the photographs of the class and their books on my website. I will post more of the classes as I continue to update my blog.
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  1. You really do have a lot of responsibilities, Jane. These classes require a lot of preparation and class samples. I am just beginning to do some teaching and I can appreciate the work that goes into it.

    1. Hello Judy, Thank you.
      I love prepping for classes. Revisiting old techniques with new eyes and then passing the inspiration on to my students is so much fun. Watching students who start with the same technique but produce completely different work is wonderful to be part of.
      Best wishes,Jane

  2. I'm really in agreement about the books versus the plastic envelopes! We did portfolios with plastic when I did my level one, and to be honest they have been taken apart and cannibalised! I love making fabric books and as you say, these will become real testaments to the hard work and skill of each student.

    Hoping to see you soon at Open Studio!