Sunday, 16 October 2011

New Projects

Beginning new projects is always different for
everyone. Some have a flash of inspiration and then
run with that idea, madly researching, drawing and collecting
relevant sources.
Others can see the finished article of what they want to
achieve in their head , or have an idea of what
they want to aim at.
Some are inspired by the materials or items they have collected
these spark the project in mind.
Some have a gift, person or place in mind.
The bottom photo above, Barbara had collected together in a
basket beads and trimmings and had a visit to a shop that sold
swatches of fabric from India and inspired
wants to make an India inspired Embellished Wall Hanging.
(Embellished in the sense of highly decorated with embroidery and beading).
Pat on the other hand saw the picture of the Doves,
which she had in her collection and wanted to transfer it onto
fabric and wants to create a luxury cushion.
Both collaging and enjoying the journey.
I have been asked about the way I transfer images
onto fabric.
I use different media to do this from transfer paints or
crayons and iron them on.
An image paste which I coat a photocopy and leave to dry
then wash/ rub the paper off, this leaves a shiny surface.
T -shirt transfer paper which you put through the
computer and then iron onto your fabric,
this leaves quite a plastic like surface.
My favourite which I use at The Gallery
and on a lot of my own work
is taking a natural fabric such as
cotton lawn and soaking it in,
"Bubble Jet Solution", allowing
this to drip dry then ironing this fabric
onto freezer paper and then put his through
the printer so the image is directly onto to the
fabric. I allow this image to cure for several days
before working or iron fixing it.
The solution keeps the image onto the fabric
and it can be washed carefully.
The ideas are then limitless.

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