Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Jeanette's Green Box

Jeanette's mixed media box is now taking shape.
It's taken a while and a few trials and errors for
it to take shape. Over enthusiasm, with a heat gun
saw the first model being cut up but as you can
see it has been out to good use in the
'window' sections of the box.
Sometimes it is hard for people to see a
3D object come together when you have
to work on the 2D to begin with, so that
all the pieces come together. There is
lots of trialling of trimmings and techniques
before the right combination shows itself.
Jeanette and I have alot of patience so
Mixed Media pieces like the,
'Green Treasure Box', slowly
evolve over weeks.
There is alot of machine and hand stitching in this piece.
Lots of trimmings and snippets to add
the interesting details.
See more mixed media work by clicking on
the written labels below the post.

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