Sunday, 18 September 2011

Committee meeting

On Wednesday 14th of September I had several appointments
and I was teaching evening class at Knit Wits.
I am a new member of The Quilters Guild Region Nine Committee.
We met at Betty Stacey's home,
(Thank you, to Betty for your hospitality).
Before the meeting started Betty Ball
showed us her Quilters Washings line that
had been hanging in the museum garden as
an environmental art project.
Betty had a little fun with us and then showed us
how the fabric had faded with the original fabric colours
and how they had changed.
It had held up really well considering it
was hanging outside for 9 months!
I love the Region's Wall Hanging above.
Visit our Quilters Guild page and keeping looking in, as
I am now The Region Nine Web page administrator.
Visit regularly to see updates and news.
See the Quilters Guild Website

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