Sunday, 18 September 2011

Knit Wits Classes

I had my first Evening Teaching at Knit Wits this
week and it was a wonderful night.
Most of the ladies wanted to make the,
Folded Japanese Bags and they looked great.
Others were starting their quilts and projects.
Time went so quick I didn't remember to take photos.
On Thursday, the day classes were the 'Folded Bag'.
I forgot my phone and as I use it to take photos I was
really upset as students came back and they had brought
their finished needlecases and projects and
they were great. So were all the variations on the bags.
Note to self, "don't leave the house with the phone
still on charge!!!".
I have added another Monday a month at
Knit Wits for more projects and finishing.
As you can see there is now a bed in the window
of the shop so it will need quilts.
See more of the workshops

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