Monday, 8 August 2011

Fabric Shopping at Shan's

Friday afternoon Stewart had the afternoon off so
we decided to go to Shan's at Hunstanton to
buy fabric for a commission for Will.
Will wants a quilt with colours yellow to green
and red to browns.
Shan's was as busy as ever as we arrived and
Stewart and I set about gathering the bolts for
the quilt. (You can see our choice above).
I think it will make a really good quilt.
Stewart HELPED! Shan with cutting
the wadding, notice I put HELPED in
capitals as they both decided to have fun
wafting and waving it up and down while
I was trying to work out how much I would
need for two quilts with it's width measurements.
Some people do anything for attention!!
I then chose some purple fabrics for myself for
a new project.
We left with a giggle as Shan had recounted
some of her funny stories of being a
fabric shop owner and I took a photo
as she was selling elastic to an
Italian gentleman.
It always amazes me how much fabric
and haberdashery items Shan gets in
her Hut!
Shan's website will be live shortly at
the end of August.

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