Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Jeanette is building up her picture with the mixed media
textile leaves now.
You sometimes get to a stage where you can't see where
a piece is going or how to move it on.
When she un wrapped it there was a wow! from those
in the Gallery but Jeanette wasn't happy with how the piece
looked. We analysed it and it was too flat.
and needed a focus.
Yes, it looked like falling leaves but it needed a focal point
and lift. Jeanette and I spent a few hours
working out focal areas and making the piece 3D.
Jeanette makes fantastic 3D textile artworks.
her most recent, "Bolliwood", was entered into an art show
and was well received.
Keep persevering Jeanette it is working!
Click on the bolliwood label below or the others to see some
of Jeanette's work.

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