Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Alveva Quilters Meeting 19th October 2011

Wednesday night was Alveva Quilters monthly meeting.
John from the charity Lifeline 4 Chernobyl came
to the meeting to give us a talk on the charity
and advise us on the different ways we can help.
Our group takes on several charities a year to support.
We tend to do local charities so it helps our local
community. Even though this is a local charity
that supports 'The Forgotten People Of Chernobyl",
there are lots of ways we can help other than money.
We are making quilts, knitted teddy bears,
so that every child that need one has one,
collecting warm clothes and other items for the auctions
that are held once a month at Salters Lode.
We are supporting other charities too,
The Brain Tumour Trust, The Litcham Hospice
and The Quilters Guild of Great Britain by
donating £100 towards conservation of a quilt.
(We did this last year too!).
It's nice to know we are enjoying
our hobby and helping other too!
John spoke to us, showed us a video and
answered our questions and then we had
'Show and Tell'.
There were lots but I have showed two photos.
Louise showed us her first machine made quilt,
well done Louise and Barbara showed us her
quilt that is folded at the bottom of the bed.
It is very luxurious almost like something out of a Harem!
Barbara's words not mine.
It was beautiful
and has bells on! say no more!
See the charities website by clicking

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