Monday, 31 October 2011

Embroidery Guild Felt Making

On Wednesday 26th of October Bridget
came to speak to our local Branch of The Embroiderers Guild,
in Kings Lynn. Bridget spoke to us about the history
in general of felting and then also about East Anglian
Felting History, especially Norwich which was
really interesting.
She then got us down to work making, Felt Flowers.
She had brought all the equipment with her
and it wasn't long before we were
'Faffing', a technical term picked up by Sandra!
and tufting our wool tops into circle shapes,
on bubble wrap, as you can see above.
It was then sponging them down with soapy water
and rolling and rolling out a couple of hundred times.
This was fun watching as I went around the room
taking photographs.
Even though I have made lots of felt myself
it is wonderful taking part in a group activity
and I had not made these type of flower before.
We then soaked our little bits of damp fluff in
clean water and worked into them, pulling and
stretching them tighter and into flower shapes as they
began to shrink.
These we then shaped around or fingers or pens to form a
centre of the flower and secured with elastic bands.
We all had a lovely time and all went home with
extra pieces of wool top to make stamens or centres
and a lovely sturdy brooch pin to sew on the back.
My flower is the top purple flower,
looking a bit wild! with its unusual petals!
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  1. Jane, I am ready to jump on a plane and take your classes. There is nothing like it around here. I love everything you posted on here. Just so interesting.

  2. Thank you Judy so much. i would love to show you around.
    Best wishes,
    Jane C