Monday, 18 July 2011

Wayland Community High School Watton

On Thursday in my role as Norfolk Community Artist I
went to Wayland Community High School at Watton to be
part of the 'Transition Day'.
140 Students moving from Junior Schools around
the Watton area to High School.
It is an activity day to accustom students to the High School.
I am the Art Tutor for this event and
the school wanted me to put on the
'Hungry Caterpillar' moving art boards
for the 140 students to make.
As you can see by the photos above they had a wonderful day
with all the events and I like to Thank
the students, staff and Sue for such a great day.
I love teaching large numbers and seeing everyone
waving their art work around it just fantastic.
They even did the Caterpillar Wave!
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  1. great work .....i do transition day workshops too and so important to introduce art/textiles to primary ..they don't get enough art ...too biased towards academia these days methinks ....x