Thursday, 19 May 2011

Battle of Hastings

On Wednesday morning Stewart and I went to 'Battle'!
Well! The Battlefield of 1066 at the town of Battle!
If you look at the map above Hastings is on the coast and
Battle, the actual Battleground of 1066 is inland.
The original castle was wooden and it was William,
that had the Abbey built on the grounds after the Battle.
It took 25 years to build and by the end of
William's reign it was one of the wealthiest Abbey's
in Britain.
Stewart and I did the walk around the Battlefield and as you can see
by the steepness of the hill the Norman soldiers had
a real struggle, to overcome and reach the top.
We live in Norfolk, which is known for it's flatness!
So this was a good walk/climb for us too!
It is always fun to get into the steps of History!
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This video is an animation of The Bayeux Tapestry

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  1. That videa was fabulous. My favorite part was the billowing sales ( & someone being sick over the side!)I have fond memories of seeig the tapestry many years ago.