Thursday, 19 May 2011

Brighton Pavilion

On Monday we went South to The Sussex Downs about
three and a half hours by car from us to stay at
Leonard on Sea in a cabin.
Neither Stewart or myself have been to this side
of the country to stay so we wanted to visit
Brighton and of course The Pavilion.
We entered by The Coach Door,
the original entrance visitors to King George would enter.
We were breathless in how the Pavilion is decorated,
most of which is so over the top it is amazing!
Everywhere is painted, gilt and showmanship.
Each and every room has it's own atmosphere and
must have looked even more spectacular
or imposing by oil lamps.
One of the crystal chandeliers in the Banqueting Room
over the dining table weighs a ton
and has a large silver dragon sitting on the top.
The Music Room Dome is covered in hundreds of guilded
scallop shells and has had to be restored several times.
We have never seen anything like this before
and would recommend Brighton Pavilion
as a must see for extraordinary interiors.
This is one of the few videos that shows the interior
and gives some of the history of
The Royal Pavilion.

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