Saturday, 21 May 2011

Battle of Hastings

After walking the battlefield we decided we needed refreshment
and went into The Pilgrims Rest.
A restaurant and cafe opposite The Battle Abbey Gatehouse.
It was atmospheric and definitely Tudor.
The original Pilgrims rest was a 'Hospital' to the Abbey.
The monks who were from Marimouter in Alsace served
Pilgrims,travellers and any strangers that needed help.
The 12th Century, 'Chronicles of The Battle' mentions the 'House of Pilgrims'
and in 1340, The Pilgrims Rest is written in
The Abbey's Almoners Accounts.
Well , Stewart and myself needing a cup of tea
rested in the very Tudor Meeting Room.
The rooms we were sitting in were part of the 1420's
alterations and were very well done indeed.
Very atmospheric!
The staff were very hospitable.
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  1. Wow a great place of interest i would like to go the photos.