Monday, 5 August 2013

Alveva Show and Tell

As usual there were many 'Show and Tells' at the meeting.
From the top, Ruby showed us her wish quilt,
all pictures of things she wants to do throughout her life time and
some she has done. Some made us laugh as they were near impossible!
Meg showed us another of her amazing colourful quilts and she had had it
quilted by Jennifer over at Watton
Jennifer is a wonderful long arm quilter and designs patterns
which merge with your quilt and show off the details.
Visit her website 
Joy had been on a workshop with Yvonne and brought her friends
from the Sew Much To Do quilting shop from Ely.
They are just so helpful and are putting on workshops in their store.
One of these were held by Yvonne, Medieval Magic.
Visit the shop

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