Friday, 26 April 2013

Lucy Summers

Lucy Summers gave a talk at Alveva Quilters. 
See previous post HERE
She showed us her fabrics and quilts that she had made with them.
She then went on to demonstrate her layered screen printing technique
using Thermofax Screens. 
She then got several members to have a go and have their own 
piece of fabric. I had a screen print too!
You can see Lucy's quilts are very colourful and she often uses a 
'improve' technique to make them.
 You use what ever fabric you have and make small areas
of patchwork and then join them together.
She was also excited to show and tell us about her new book. 
Which comes out soon!
A great evening and we all brought some of her fabric 
or one of her china mugs.
See Lucy's blog with all her work HERE

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