Friday, 26 April 2013

Hilary's Fabric Book

Hilary has made a fantastic fabric book which contains pages
which celebrate all the countries she has visited on holiday.
Keepsakes, photographs, postcards and memories are all
sewn together to make an amazing book. 
It caused quite a stir as you can see. 
Every page Hilary told us the stories of her trips and the memories
of the photo taken, the smells, the food and the places that
the family shared. 
I just love holiday books and I endorse anyone to do this,
a scrapbook/ sketchbook of your memories. 
I am often found on holiday in the cafe or lounge area,
sticking and gluing my trip of the day or keepsakes.
Often people stop and chat about, "What are you doing?",
I explain and they often say,
 "What a good idea, I have a plastic bag or box of holiday stuff and
never knew what to do with all the other stuff, you know? 
I put some of the photos in an album".
Some often join me the day after because they have found a book
while out for the day to start!
I share anywhere!!!
Thank you Hilary for sharing such a wonderful treasure and making 
many of us plan our next trip!
See some of my holiday sketchbooks HERE
I will be teaching a ten week course in September 2013 
on Creative Textiles which will be mounted in a fabric book.
This shows you different textile techniques and 
fabric book construction.
I will also be teaching two evening workshops 
with the Embroiderers Guild in 2014.
See a previous class that had the success of passing their 
City and Guilds Level One Creative Textiles HERE
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  1. Making fabric books is very time consuming and need a lot of planning, but they are so rewarding. This one is really special.

    1. Judy it was beautiful and so personal you could almost smell the lemons, sea and blossom when Hillary shared it with us.