Friday, 1 February 2013

Sparkly Red Finger Nails

Last week I needed a boost with all the snow, so I decided to have my nails done. I had been given a gif tcard of having them done at a new salon that has opened locally. It was to have them Shellaced. A hard wearing and immediately dry polish. I don't get round to painting my nails due to my hands being in paint, dye and modelling materials. This was an opportunity to go for it. Kim at Innovations Swaffham was lovely and as I browsed through the amazing nail colours I kept being drawn to the red sparkly and as it was the 25th I decided I would continue with the Christmas sparkle. I know it's a month later but we are supposed to remember it all year through. A lovely half an hour later and WOW! My nails have never looked so good. Thank you so much Irene for the gift and Thank you Kim for making them look so good. It's been a week and my nails are looking just as good and I will definitely have them done again.

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