Friday, 1 February 2013

Beryl's Bags

As some of you know who follow Quilters Cottage Norfolk
I love making bags and encouraging others to make bags.
Beryl has been busy as you can see making a selection.
We did have a laugh with her though, as she brought an expensive magazine
because she liked the bag pattern in it (the pastel square one above).
She followed the pattern cut out the template and worked her way through
the instructions, only to find that the bag turned out 6.
A beautiful miniature bag!
The picture in the book was magazine page sized so led you to believe
that you would be sporting it on your arm!
not between your pinkies!
Its beautiful though and Beryl is going to scale the pattern up.
We are looking forward to the full size version.
See more bags by clicking on the written labels below.  

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