Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cotillion Bag

HeatherAnne has made this wonderful bag made from a kit by Quilters Trading Post. 
It is called a 'Cotillion Bag'. Now 'The Cotillion', is a type of dance made popular in
18th Century France and became very fashionable because it was performed in formation.
 Couples made up a square or opposite lines, making it a very social and very popular.
Now a lady of this time would have had a bag,
 to put her 'other shoes' in and some 
'overnight' things just in case it was a dance too good to leave!
Or a well invitation came her way to stay at the family house!
It made me laugh as HeatherAnne wanted to adapt the bag for her
Church Books! 
A very novel way of distorting a history of a bag!
It makes her giggle and the rest of us that she is taking her dance overnight
bag to Church!

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