Sunday, 10 February 2013


Since moving to The Art Room Dereham,
I have a new assistant called,
Caroline. She has helped me so much give even more
service to my clients and I thank her for her patience!
Caroline is an Artist and goes to the Art Classes with Claire
at The Art Room Dereham.
Now little did she know that she would be hooked!
I showed the Embellisher machines on her first afternoon,
so she could get the machine and all the things out with it when a
client wants to embellish. 
Caroline made her piece and she was a way!
She now has her own Embellisher Machine and there is a sample of her work in the first pic.
She has been with me three weeks and has brought a second hand sewing machine
and is using a Moda Jelly Roll to make her first quilt blocks.
Her dogs haven't got away with it either,
with all the cold weather they now have their own coats.
Well done Caroline and it's great working with you.

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