Saturday, 11 February 2012

!st February Evening Class Knit Wits

Once a month I teach a Wednesday Evening class at Knit Wits,
in Dereham.
It is always well attended and the projects being made
are varied.
I encourage 'Show and Tell' and you can see
a Reading Cushion made by Ann at the bottom of this post,
what a lovely gift for a child.
Lots of cutting out and finishing own projects going on and
the time goes so quick.
The letter quilt was made from a printed panel.
Each letter had to be cut out separately and
measurements had to be checked to make the squares.
Panels can be great but it often what you do with them
that makes the difference.
The top photo is of Heather Ann machine quilting
a Web, Strip Quilt.
Visit Knit Wits website

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  1. I have done a lot of these same projects, but it is always so interesting to see what others do with them. I like the idea of the quilt using letters, especially for children. Since I am getting more great-grandchildren, this could be on my list. Thanks for the pictures.