Thursday, 21 April 2011

Card Making with Bleach Technique

On Wednesday, I went to card making @ The Gallery with Kim.
There was lots of show and tell with the things we had made over the
last two weeks and a look at a box of stampers goodies,
someone had brought on the Internet.
Kim was continuing to teach us different ways of creating
backgrounds on papers.
This week she knew I would be excited because we used
She gave us a demonstration and it was a fantastic, she had put
the bleach into a 'Misty Bottle', so we could spray it
directly onto the rubber stamps and onto our card stock.
Its like a reverse or negative image and then you stamp on top
with colour.
I made lots of different prints and also did some on
fabric as I had used bleach as a 'discharge' before,
(it removes the colour from the fabric).
I will show you what I do with this fabric later.
Thank you Kim, for a lovely morning it was really inspiring.
I carried on at home putting my card together and
adding the bead wiring and embossed element to it.
I have now researched the bleach technique a little more and
here is a video that shows the technique really well.


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for your sweet comment on my skinny book pages, what a beautiful card, I've never heard of this bleach technique, now I will watch the video and learn something new, thanks for the link, Happy Easter.

  2. I just hopped here from Jester Crafts and am in awe of all the wonderful creations to be found. So much to see - it's lovely here. Penny

  3. Found my way here via Dorthe & just wante to say "thanks for sharing". LOVE this technique!