Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tree House Transformation

Jennifer's treehouse was built 15 years ago and this week
she was 20!
Underneath it, we have always used it as a wood store
for the fire and log burner.
Stewart and I decided that it was finally time to transform
the area. It was difficult as the tree house has
been part of many happy memories and has been a key
shade spot in the garden.
We wanted to re-cycle the wooden frame to form
a wood store. as you can see we managed it
and now it has planting round it so it looks
like it has been there for a long time!
It took two days over the Easter weekend to do.
We are now happy that we no longer have to duck so
low to get at the wood!
Stewart has put a wicker fencing in front now
and it looks like we could put a Reindeer in it!!!
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