Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mixed Media Trees

Pat is adding the texture to the background fabric, so her trees
become 'grounded',
(see earlier posts by clicking label below, textile trees).
She is sewing on threads and snippets in a circular motion
so there is movement in the piece.
The trees have just been pinned on at this point.
To see where to go next and how much depth
Pat needed to add, I got her to masking tape
the wall hanging to the wall and
then stand at the other end of the room.
Pat, could see, it needed deeper colour stitching, more
circles and where they needed to go.
As you walk nearer the piece you can pick up the details
and richness already there.
Pat worked on it all morning, many more hours to add
but this piece is becoming an outstanding one!
Well done Pat!
I will grab it for it's finish photo soon!!!
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