Monday, 14 March 2011

Fat Quarters

These are the fat quarters I was brought for Alveva Quilters

fabric box. We also have them as our raffle prizes so the box

needs regular stocking up.

Stewart helped me choose them from the different

fat quarter tubs around the hut.

It has to be a mixture so there is something for

everyone's taste.

So what is a fat quarter?

The best way to explain this is, you take a metre

or yard of fabric and when you divide it normally into the

four divisions across, these would be "long quarters'.

They are 25 cms wide by how ever long the fabric is

but when you cut the yard or metre in half

and then halve it fat ways you have four large rectangles or

what Quilters call "Fat Quarters".

See what I do with my fabrics on my website

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