Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tombola Quilt

Peter, Alveva Quilter's Newsletter Editor has just sent me this
photo of Jenn manning the Tombola at the Exhibition.
Stewart and I came up with the idea to use an old panel quilt
for the Tombola.
We put the quilt in a Hand quilting circular frame and made
holes all over it. The raffle tickets were then rolled up
and pushed into the holes.
The corresponding ones were put on the donated prizes.
Visitors then pulled out the tickets from the quilt!
This caused quite a stir when visitors especially
quilters realised the quilt was full of HOLES!
Thank you to Pete,Sue, and several other members who
manned the stall over the two days.
It raised lots of money for our charities and
I have been informed the idea will be used at other events.
Now the world, it would be nice if you credit
where you saw it first....HERE!!!!
It raised lots of money for charity.

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