Thursday, 2 September 2010

Animal Single Quilt with Red Squares

I started cutting this out last week and piecing it together.
I used all the animal fabrics that I had collected
and have been given over the years.
They were really fun because of all of the colours and faces!
It is has now been sandwiched together and quilted.
I used a random quilting stitch all over.
Just the borders to do, bias binding and a label.
It will go in the Alveva Quilting Exhibition,
as one of the quilts for sale quilts.
See more of my quilts on my portfolio pages

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  1. Enjoyed seeing all that you are up to. You go to so many interesting places. I would love to do that myself, but hubby is a stay at home. Your animal quilt fabric is great and makes me want to make one. The holdiday boxes are such a great idea. Kids love those holiday activities and will never forget them.