Saturday, 26 June 2010

Stewart's Birthday

Stewart's Birthday today!
So we headed off to, 'The Hare Arms', at Stow Bardolph.
The history of this country pub is really worth looking up
on their excellent website.
The original building dates back to The Napoleonic Wars and Nelson.
We started with coffee and then lunch with a Birthday drink in their gardens
which are shared by Peacocks,white and blue!
Isn't this one just beautiful?
(See more on the website).
Plus an array of different types of chickens!
We've kept chickens in the past so we enjoy their little funnies!
The quail was trying to escape it's run
and was digging some really decent escape tunnels!
We had a lovey couple of hours just watching all the goings on
and having lunch.
'Otis',the resident cat was hilarious eyeing up the little bantums
but weary in the heat as they were rushing around and the very
large chickens were glaring at him!
Stewart and I then headed home for some R and R in our garden,
sunbathing and reading.
I do think a snooze was had too!
BBQ for tea!
Happy Birthday, Stewart!
Visit The Hare Arms at


  1. Very strange. My husband's birthday is tomorrow. Wish we had somewhere as wonderful as you did to go to. It is too hot to go anywhere right now in America. Love the Peacock picture.

  2. Glad you had a good day and if ever you want to change career - go for photography! Is it a co-incidence that the peacock is your favourite gorgeous BLUE?