Friday, 2 April 2010

The Hungry Caterpilla

This is one of the new boards I have made to demonstrate the different techniques that can be used on the art boards. I have used lots of recyled elements and some of the new goodies!
As you can see it is based on one of my favourite stories I used to read to Jenn and at school.
The Hungry Caterpilla is cut out of a napkin and glued to card.
The flowers move and the ladybird goes up and down her leaf.
I will show you some of the others as I re- furbish them adding more elements of movement.
Children can be very keen critics about techniques
and they have to be do- able, really quickly.


  1. How very cute all these creations are. You are probably the most talented person I know. I love all the new pictures, even the furniture. Have a nice Easter with your family.

  2. Oh my goodness jane this just brightened my day ! what an adorable piece of of art it really made me smile !!! happy easter !!

  3. Simply wonderful Jane, i loved reading the story about the hungry caterpilla to my children many years ago.