Sunday, 8 August 2010

Card Making

Saturday morning was spent doing all those chores you leave and leave!
Well, I thought 'We', better do them.(Stewart and myself)
So the freezer got defrosted,cleaned and sorted out.
Why is there always that bag of green beans at the bottom of the freezer with last years date?
The bags of recycle and garden rubbish was taken down the tip
and some of mylarge pile of ironing was dealt with,
while we watched an afternoon film.
"Ambition to Meaning,
Finding your Life's Purpose"
Directed by Michael Goorjian and starring
Dr. Wayne Dyer.
I first saw the film on Utube,
(you can see the whole film in segments).
Its a very good film to watch when you are in need
of mental or emotional strength, a real lift to spirits.
This then inspired me to go into the studio and ponder
what I had watched, life and 'chores'.
I put some music on and finished the pile of card samples.
I had started cards and had promised The Gallery some to sell.
So as you can see the 'Evening' of my Saturday was very creative
Embelishing,machining,beading,embroidery and packaging.
So as you can see I had a really mixed day.
I think every artist has to mix so many things into their
day and inspiration comes from many different sources.

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  1. Even God had a day of rest. He meant for us to have one too. We need quiet, reflection time.