Friday, 18 June 2010

Alveva Quilt Day

Wednesday, I spent he whole day putting together a special scrap quilt with
help from the rest of the Clark family (Stewart and Jenn)
and Linda an Alveva member.
It was a real puzzle at times as every patch/block of triangles or
squares had been made by different members of
the Alveva Quilt Group.
They were all different sizes,shapes and some ascue!
Linda walked through the door of the studio and immediately
got machining on my very old but reliable Bernina
and Jenn was on the Janome and Stewart on ironing,
pinning and tea with me!
I machined when one of the two had to move to either
iron or position their piece back in the puzzle.
We finished the front and the centre panel of the back,
cutting out the back border strips ready to sew another time.
Thank you Linda for a fantastic job of squaring up, machining and listening to the constant chatter of the Clark's!
The Quilt will look great and I'll show you it finished at a later date.
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